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The Trustworthy Edible

No more than 10 years ago, edibles have had a mysterious essence to them. There was a very good chance they were made in some random dude’s kitchen with who knows what type of product and ingredients. What type of marijuana was even used? Did people eating edibles even care?

In 2016, owner of Cosmo D’s Outrageous Edibles, David Brissenden, decided to change the game.

David has been highly involved with the Cannabis Community since the 90s, helping with grassroots work for Proposition 215 under Ben Rice. David believed that this plant could truly benefit mankind with all of its holistic properties--not just getting stoned. He was passionate towards enlightening those who may not be aware of its healing properties.

Hazy Hazelnut Chocolate

His advocation continued with a published magazine called “Instant Mind Orgasm” that ran between 1993-1998 in Humboldt County. The magazine discussed conspiracy concepts regarding the criminalization of hemp and the propaganda that went with it. (Check back with our blog for more information about propaganda).

After his college years, David moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains, where he started off working in a very high-end, fast past catering business and continued for 25 years. He learned what it takes to not only mass produce gourmet foods, but how to run a business that does so.

With this expertise, David filled the gap in the cannabis community and developed edibles that were not only gourmet, but could be trusted. Say goodbye to that suspicious-looking brownie, we’re talking goji-berry chocolates, vegan chocolate crumbles, pumpkin ginger snaps with currants, the list goes on.

David’s extensive knowledge of Prop 215 is another important factor to the success of Cosmo D’s Outrageous Edibles. He knows what the laws are and how they are changing. His edibles are in proper conduct to ensure the best experience for the user.

David not only makes his own Cannabutter, but makes his own Canna-Caramel and Canna-Coconut oil, too! (Canna-Olive Oil on its way). Each edible is then precisely measured to the ounce. Most importantly, the edibles are tested by SC Labs, where he receives an exact breakdown of what is inside. With all of these factors, each product is properly labeled with an accurate dosage. Customers can sit back and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our products instead of worrying about what’s inside.

People truly love our product. Cosmo D's Outrageous Edibles won Hempcon's Best Edible and Best Dessert in 2017.

Our edibles come from a place of passion and honesty. We are dedicated towards supplying our customers with a product that gives them a solution they can count on every time.

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