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Guide to the Perfect Edible Experience

Knowing how to use and take edibles properly will help ensure you have the true experience marijuana edibles has to offer. To make it even better, we've gone ahead and created an infographic for you! Check it out below:

Step 1: Create a Safe Environment

Eliminate stress (or let the edible do that for you), Be comfortable to feel the real effects.

Step 2: Refrigerate

Chocolate will be easier to cut if chilled. This will make for a cleaner dosage. Once cut, edibles can be enjoyed at room temp.

Step 3: Dosage

Each Cosmo D's Outrageous Edible has 200mg of THC. Decide where your tolerance is:

Brand New: Try a small bite (10mg)

Low Tolerance: 1/8 (25mg)

Mid Tolerance 1/4 (50 mg)

High Tolerance 1/2 (100 mg)

Expert: 3/4 to Full Dessert (150-200 mg)

Step 4: Timing

Allow 60-90 minutes. Be patient before you rush to take more. It could hit you all at once.

FACTORS: Metabolism, empty/full stomach

Step 5: Evaluate

After 90 minutes, how do you feel? Sometimes the feeling is subtle depending on what you are doing. 90 minutes is a good time to decide whether or not to take more. Try 1/8 more at a time.

Step 6: Relax

Edibles serve a variety of purposes for many people. Whatever yours is, enjoy the relaxing & pleasurable benefits Cosmo D's Outrageous Edibles brings.

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