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Why Some Edibles Taste Like Straight-Up Plant

Have you ever tried an edible that tasted a little too much like marijuana? Maybe not even too much like marijuana, but like straight up plant?

There’s a reason for that.

It comes down to how the Cannabis Butter (or Cannabutter) is broken down before it’s used in whichever recipe.

Cannabutter is the product of heat-infusing butter with the actual marijuana flower. Although the butter is sieved of the flower after it’s infused, there is still going to be tiny plant particles that gather towards the bottom while your butter is chilling.

Once the butter solidifies, you will notice a darker green layer at the very bottom. It is very important to cut this part out of your butter before using it. If not, it will result in your edible tasting very plant-like.

Many edible companies will choose to keep this part in because they lose out on so much Cannabutter. From a business standpoint, this is understandable. From a consumer standpoint, the plant concentrate has got to go. It is the difference between an edible that tastes like a normal dessert and an edible that reeks of marijuana.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out this video of Executive Chef & Owner, David Brissenden, exampling how to sliced this sediment out.

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